M4s - Golden Oldie

  • Just a fun gun project.

    De plastic lower receiver
    E1/JG plastic upper receiver
    Ares xm177 stock
    Unknown buffer tube with separate castle nut
    Ergo motor grip - fitted to the receiver
    Aim cnc rear sight
    DE s system rail - ground flat at the rear to accept rear sight
    Magpul AFG1 clone
    DE spr flip up front sight
    DE two peice outer barrel - smoothed down blemishes and repainted
    Plastic a1 flash hider

    E1 stock motor
    DE trigger and spring
    DE GB shell - radiused, polished
    DA 6mm bushings - JB welded in
    G&P shims
    DE pim gears - SHS gen. 3 bevel, shimmed bevel to pinion, S.S. 5 teeth
    SHS nylon sector chip
    SHS cut off lever
    DE safety lever
    DE selector plate
    DE trigger housing - ICS trolley
    DE wiring - positive feed line replaced
    Gold bullet connectors for front wiring connection
    Lonex gold motor connectors
    Unkown polycarb bearing spring guide with steel base
    Madbull m120 spring - worn in
    SHS blue piston- swiss cheesed, short stroked 5 teeth, new black oxide rack
    Modify bearing piston head - stretched o ring
    Lonex mp5 ported cylinder
    DE plastic cylinder head - Hammar silicone damper mod, teflon taped
    CA blue o ring air nozzle - glued to tappet plate
    SHS blue tappet plate
    Trimmed tappet plate spring

    Inner Barrel Assembly
    DE hop up
    Lonex 50 degree
    Modify baton flat hop nub
    Angel Customs 6.01 x 363mm barrel


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