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General Information

This is my primary weapon that I use as a support gunner on my team. It is an A&K Manufacture M60 Mk43 and most of the gear box is factory. I have upgraded the motor and the piston just recently and have not had a chance to chrono it and see the actual numbers. But it fires like a dream now, it is so fast the box mag has a hard time keeping up.

Yes I realize the front sight post is bent.... don\'t use it anyway.

I have done a lot of work on the exterior of the weapon. I took the front hand guard off and attached rails to the sides and bottom for attachments. I modified the receiver cover and added a rail on top there for optics mounting. Also I sawed off the built in bi-pod which was just horrible. In it\'s place I attached to the bigger barrel a shotgun rail attachment and placed my new bi-pod there.

Finally, there was no good way of attaching the sling to the rear of the weapon so I added a stock sling adapter that wraps around the end of the stock.

This is my baby, I love using this guy and even though it is 20lbs I still manage pretty good getting around with it.

I have a youtube review of this baby here:



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