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Wut it do..! My name is Karim Monem most of my people call me genie, I am 28 years of age. Last time I played airsoft it was in Japan 1995 and had a blast. Right now I am trying to get back into it once a month to get away from real life stuff and release some stress. Back then I was using M16 A1 with a red dot and a USP sidearm. Now I have an AK47 Kalashnikov RIS by Cybergun that I am still waiting on because I just ordered it. I life in Berea Kentucky and they have no clue about airsoft. So I started a team that goes by Haywire and currently have six members, however, we yet have to play a single game due to the lack of guns and people to play with or against around here. I have one more semester at Berea College and I think I will be hanging around here for a minute. I know of a place that is owned by a family member about 48 acres that I have access too, but again no one to play. I am hoping by being on this site that I can find people to game with around here or Lexington and maybe go out further to Louisville or near by state in the future.



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