• Um, well I enjoy buying very cheap used items, and occasionally selling them to make a profit. I\'ve owned around 15-17 airsoft guns and sold 13-15ish? I dunno been a while since I counted. I started airsoft way back, don\'t remember which grade but sometime in middle school, after dumping too much money into crap guns (TSD sniper and Well m4) I stopped for a few years, started up again last year when I found a guy who was also into it (dagepsterairsoft don\'t care if I spelled it wrong), and since then have found a hobby.

    fufufu, now to list what guns I have owned to feel good about life.

    Good rifles!
    1.TM M4 CQBR SOPMOD Recoil Shock.
    2.G&G L85A1
    3.CA sr25
    4.G&G M16A4
    5.JG Tactical AK (boneyard)
    6.G&P M4
    7.G&P M4 SPR
    8.King Arms M4
    9.TM Swat Sig 551
    10.Systema PTW M4 (boneyard)
    11.Echo 1 Sr25 ^^
    12.Echo 1 AK74 (boneyard)
    13.ARES G36c
    14.G&G Gr300
    15. A&K sr25
    16. CA Stubby M4
    17. ICS Proline PCR-97
    18. CA Stubby M4 #2
    19. CM.042
    20. VFC SCAR CQC L
    21. CA Sr25 #2
    22. CA M4 RIS
    23. A&K Sr25 #2 Carbine version
    24. A&K Sr25 #3
    25. G&P DD RIS Navy seal M4
    26. VFC 416
    27. G&P M4 MOE
    28. VFC Noveske M4
    29. KWA DD RIS II
    30. Matrix/Madbull DD M4
    31. APS M4
    32. P* G&P
    33. G&P Navy seals M4
    34. CA Sr25 #3
    35. CA M15
    36. Evike Custom MAX PWS
    37. APEX Mk18 Mod 9
    38. A&K URX Sr25
    39. G&P Vltor Sentry
    40. G&P Magpul Sentry
    41. King Arms La Rue M4
    42. VFC Sr15
    43. G&P KAC/Noveske M4
    44. VFC M27 IAR Tan version
    45. KWA RM4
    46. G&P M16A4
    47. SOCOM Gear OMEGA
    48. Classic Army M4
    49. WE GBBR G39C
    50. G&P M4 CQB
    51. VFC Noveske SOCOM Gear N4
    52. CA M4 X series
    53. FMG4 Talcon

    Submachine guns!
    1.CYMA MP5
    2.AGM MP40
    3.DE UMP
    4.G&G Mp5
    5.TM Mp5A4
    6. ICS Mp5A5

    1.Tokyo marui Mp7
    2.Well R4
    3.Cyma 1911 AEP
    4.Well R4
    5.Well R4
    6. Cyma G18

    1.CYMA M14 (boneyard)
    2.WELL R7
    3.WELL R6
    4.Tactical Force TF16
    5.UTG L96 :(
    6.Aftermath Kraken AK
    7.Cyma .028 AK
    8.G&G CM raider
    9.JG Sig 552
    10.AGM M14
    11.Elite Force M4
    12.Elite Force M4
    13.JG XM177
    14.JG S-system M4
    15. G&G SPR CM
    16. SRC M4
    17. JG M16a4
    18. Dboys M4 CQBR
    19. AGM M4
    20. DPMS M4

    Gas pistols!
    1.WG 1911
    2.HFC M190
    3.HFC M190 boneyard
    4.M&P 40
    5.KJW MK1
    6.KWA NS1 USP
    7.KJW 1911 (boneyard)
    8.WE G33
    9.WE 1911
    10. TM Mk23
    11. WE G33 #2
    12. KWA KP8c
    13. WE G18 SRU Recon

    1. E1 ATS CQB Shotgun


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