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G&P internal gears running with stock G&P high speed motor...6.01 Angel high precision barrel, Pom piston and 130 tension spring running a 11.1 lipo...I have 8 other rifles, that all run precsion barrels, pistons, springs, JBU gears, wiring, Picture is now minus the Echo AK47 contractors weapon and added ICS Sig 552 sg that is now custom..listed in pic

G&P full metal m4 Sentry Troy edition

Echo Scar (H) shooting aroud 32bps at 375fps

ICS full metal CXP-08 custom built

ICS MX5 PRO custom built

Echo M8A3 Stag Armscustom built

Echo Stag Arms M4 full metal custom built

Echo full metal MP5 custom

Now included (not pictured) G&P stock M4 Navy Seals full metal



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