Marksmans Battle Rifle - M16 (MBR-16)

  • Gearbox and other components:
    -Retro Arms V2 gearbox shell

    -Lonex steel bushings

    -FrankenTorque motor w/ Siegetek pinion

    -Siegetek 10:1 SSG gears

    -Prometheus M135 spring

    -VFC steel bearing spring guide

    -SHS blue \"lightweight\" piston. Epoxied rack. AOE corrected and perfected.

    -Super Shooter POM piston head w/ Lonex hollow o-ring. Bearings removed

    -ZCI steel cylinder

    -Lonex V2 cylinder head

    -Retro Arms adjustable air nozzle

    -Lonex tappet plate

    -Soon to have Retro Arms straight trigger

    -SHS trigger contacts and safety lever

    -NukeFet MOSFET. 14awg positive wire. Wired to Deans

    -SHS/PPS CNC hopup chamber

    -Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel

    -Prometheus bridge flat hop nub and flat hopped G&G green bucking. (Soon to be RHopped)


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