• Hey guys and gals, i\'m Marvin but most people call me Marv. I\'ve been playing airsoft for about 3 and a half years now, and if you guys have noticed I am a polarstar user but i\'m not like the ones you see that run +40 RPS. I am a semi only player who just loves the Polarstar system.

    My current loadout is a CA LWRC M6a2 PSD with a Polarstar fusion engine and for my sidearm is my trusty WE Novak 1911. Sometimes ill run my CYMA Ak74u but only if i\'m lazy to run a tank on my back.

    I\'m 17 years old and many may ask how did I afford a polarstar? Well I
    worked very hard to get all the things I own today, most of the stuff I
    owned were from trade-ups or finding good deals on craiglist for
    example buying a gun that was broken and I would fix it re-sell to make money.

    Well that\'s it for my player profile thanks for viewing!


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