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My first airsoft game was in my home in Montivillier, France with a neighborhood friend, after moving back to 'Merica I got back into airsoft, starting backyard games with friends, after a while I set assure airsoft to focus on joining the military, however learning because of an eye disease I would not be able to drive, be a cop, or join the military, I got back into airsoft, I started the team COC (Comandos of Christ) later I changed it to CAA (Christian Airsoft Armada), after not being able to find dedicated players, I created the branch off of the CAA called the ST (Stealth Tactical) a small group who wear the TMS armor, I started wearing the TMS armor after wanting to look different from the average airsofter, gaining inspiration from Dead Space, Iron Man, Star Wars, GI Joe, and Halo, I found the TMS body armor and fell in love with its look I started wearing it over my BDU and I gained the nickname "Master Chief" after John 116 from the Halo franchise because of the amount of armor I wear to resemble an exoskeleton, I am honored at the few friends who have started to wear the same loadout and hope to inspire others to be creative with loadouts, I hope to be the futuristic airsofter that I strive to look like. Be creative, change up, be different, make the game fun.



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