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Stock, it came with black polymer hand guard and stock. Of course, a true Dragunov has real wood. The obvious next step was to get the UFC Wood Kit upgrade. Beautiful real wood hand guard and stock. I have a PPS hopup chamber installed for easy on field adjustments, with 80 buckings. Also, the AIM extra large bolt handle, since the Matrix SVD has a notoriously small bolt handle. Matrix CNC version 3 cylinder head with double O Rings, and CNC Matrix Piston. Prometheus M170 spring to increase fps to around 700. This means I needed the Matrix hardened steel piston catch. To top all of this off, I installed an angel custom 640 mm 6.01 mm stainless steel inner barrel to further increase accuracy. Total cost of all these amazing upgrades? Put me out $388. 100% worth it. If I had the choice, I\'d do it all again. I could probably sell this thing for $450+ if I ever wanted to.


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