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I have always preferred a really heavyweight loadout for the neighborhood Juggernuaut matches, but now that i'm on an organized team, i'll need to lighten up a bit. I play the role of front-assault pack mule. I'll carry lots of mags and speedloaders, and a shotgun for use as a backup primary. My secondary of choice will be a WE-Tech G18C gas blowback pistol.
My PASGT helmet has a police grade riot visor attached that can swing over my face if needed. I'll be wearing matching BDUs with the rest of Strike Team Alpha, with a black tactical vest, knee guards, and elbow pads. As needed, full-seal eye protection will be under my riot visor.

Please leave a comment with your opinion of my loadout, and any tips you might have to improve it, they are much appreciated! [IMAGES COMING SOON]

MDA Sly Fox, over and out.


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