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Merrell Moab Waterproof Boots (Earth)

I have yet to use these extensively, but I have been able to use them in one game. The game was on very rough terrain and was very tough to go through. While I was playing, I felt like I was walking on clouds compared to my old Surplus boots. I\'m going to break this review down into 6 parts; Quality / Waterproofing / Comfort / Price / Pros / Cons

#1 -Quality-

The Moab\'s are held together very well. The toe cap is held together with a very strong glue, so no separation has happened. They come with Merrell\'s OrthoLite insole; which I find to work great for me. If you need a different type of insole, you could always buy another one. I have high arches so the stock insoles work for me. I was very pleased with the traction from the Vibram soles, it was a big help while tracking through a rocky/slick environment. The stitching is also very good. The seams are held together very well with thick thread, so the stitching is good. The leather is very nice, it\'s pretty good. I guess there\'s not much I can say about leather. :p

Quality 9/10

#2. -Waterproofing-

The Merrell Moab\'s have a waterproof membrane behind the mesh, making them waterproof. I tested them in a puddle about 3\" deep for 10 seconds and no water made contact with my feet. I had heard complaints about waterproofing issues, so I thought I\'d address this too. I found the waterproofing to be fine, no issues what so ever.

Waterproofing 9/10

#3. -Comfort-

The comfort is great. This section is mainly personal, so my perfect fit may not be yours. I plan on wearing them as an everyday shoe since there more comfortable than my Puma sneakers. The shoes are surprisingly light at around 1lb 15oz so your feet won\'t be tied to lead weights. :p The comfort factor was big for me, seeing we play longer games, but these caught my eye. Because there comfy yet HSLD.

Comfort 10/10 (personal opinion based on my foot type)

#4. -Price-

The price on these is around $120 with free shipping from ****s Sporting Goods, so the price wasn\'t bad. I would advise going in to try them on in person before ordering online if they don\'t have your size. Doing it this way, you\'ll get an idea of what size to order. If you wear a bigger size like me (14-15) you\'ll need to buy online since most people don\'t have feet that size.

Price 9/10

#5. -Pros-

- Great Quality
- Great comfort
- Good ankle support
- Waterproofing is very helpful

#6. -Cons-

- Lots of mud sticks to the soles

I would definitely recommend them to a fellow airsofter/hiker that\'s looking for a good quality boot that won\'t break the bank.


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