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Hello everyone, wanted to share a review for something I picked up last week at I needed a new hand guard for my m16(I was turning it into an m4) and was looking for a lightweight, free float, one piece set. I stumbled across the TRX Extreme and instantly purchased it. Usually these things go for $70+ at other retailers and this was on sale. The package includes the barrel nut specifically for the hand guard, three rails(with screws, etc) and the hand guard itself with the attachment screws. Everything is here, do not worry.

The good: The thing is rock solid and does not budge whatsoever. It's lightweight due to the rails being removed from the hand guard itself but they include a set of rails that you can place literally anywhere on the thing. It fits snug onto the body of the m16/m4 platform and rests aligned perfectly with the top rail making it one huge mono rail(like the scar). It is lightweight and had a beautiful jet black finish. If I am not mistaken you can purchase it in a dark earth colour too. Installation was seemingly easy. It has all the real trades marked on the hand guard too.

The bad: It takes a while to get the rail attachments that it comes with onto the hand guard but with a little patience and a steady hand, it shouldn't take too long. There's not much negative things to state about this.

The other: Okay, so let us recap: It is a free float, one piece lightweight aluminium hand guard that includes everything needed for installation onto your rifle. It has a beautiful jet black finish and is absolutely rock solid. It's a bit of a pain to get the rails on but patience is key to most things. It retails for 51$ at unlike most places where they are 70$+!

Thank's guys and remember, practicality overwhelms stupidity!



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