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I'm MitCap a 24y old belgian airsofter.
I've been running around with toy bb guns and weapons my entire life ( probably most of us).
In Belgium you have to be 18 or older to start playing airsoft, luckily I just turned 18 when I first heard about airsoft.
Of course I got drawn to it and bought myself a gun pretty soon, back in the days I looked around for review etc etc, and finally went for a KM4 s-system.

I've been a regular player ever since, the 'teching' I did wast more than replacing barrels, hop ups and a spring or 3. ( open up gb, change the spring and close it back up).

I had no idea what I was doing!

One day I decided to buy a second hand broken KM4 because I like solving puzzles and I wanted to fix it, that is how I landed here, at airsoft society.
This site has helped me a ton! and for the last few months I have learned more than I ever did in school.

atm I am using a custom g&p troy as woodland primary
still a KM4 ris as woodland backup
G&G umg (ump) as CQB primary
and ICS mp5 sd3 as CQB backup

Thank you for reading!



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