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Showcase cover image for Mk.18 mod 0

General Information

A while back, I was up in the air about what I was going to build for my next replica; I had traded away my previous M4 for an A&K Masada, and I then traded that for an upgraded JG Bar-10, which I later sold and was left with nothing. When it came down to it, I was debating between an ICS SIG 552, or the KWA K-M4 R.I.S to start a Mark 18 MOD 0 (MK.18 MOD 0) replica. In the end, I'm glad that I chose this rifle.

From what I can tell about it, it's going to be an amazing performer. I have yet to field it, or really give it a good test fire yet, but I have plinked around with it for a bit, and it's amazing from what I can tell so far. I can't wait to get it to the field and put it through it's paces! It's got a 6.01mm tightbore barrel in it, and when you combine that with the notorious KWA hop-up, and it's approximate 425 FPS, you've got one amazing rifle!

Here's what it looks like (in black and white, because it's sexier).

It looks like the red dot isn't properly sighted in, but I couldn't get a great camera angle. I assure you, it's properly sighted in.

And there you have it; my MK.18 MOD 0!



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