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Showcase cover image for Mk12 MOD 0 HKG28 style coloring

General Information

Double Bell
Here’s a custom build or a MK12 MOD 0. I’m running a Double Bell MK12 MOD 0 with upgraded parts inside.
This was a project build, first off I had to take this airsoft apart to even begin stripping the paint away with a metal paint remover. After I spray paint the colors accordingly to mimic the HK G28 style colors.
I eventually wait for the the paint to settle in and refinish with another coat of paint for a durable layer to withstand bumps and dints but you know it doesn’t last. This build was pretty much straight forward. Anyways it was a fun build and I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.
Here are the after market parts I ended up using for this build.

The parts inside:

  • Max Model CNC Aluminum Hopup
  • 20 inch inner barrel
  • EMG x Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Hop-up Bucking
  • m150 spring

The outside parts:

  • Wadsn DBAL A2
  • BOLT MK12 Mock suppressor
  • Matrix 3.5-10x40-SF Illuminated Red/Green Reticle Scope
  • Avengers Tactical 30mm QD Scope mount
  • AIM Sports Scope Rail Adapter
  • Element Airsoft 373 Vertical Grip
  • VISM Universal Black Powder Rail
  • EMG Helios x Strike Industries Latches Charging handle
  • Matrix Rail covers
  • CYMA Adjustable Full-size M16 Precision Rifle stock
  • Micro red dot


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