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General Information

I bought this gun from my friend for $50. Fantastic deal that I do not regret even despite its current problems. Came with a very nice carrying case (will have pics in the future), both magazines he had, and he painted it himself. Unfortunately it hadn\'t been used in at LEAST 3 years and I believe that the bucking dried up and got caught in the barrel so I had to take it apart. Everything else seems to work fine, and while the gear box has some cracks it still works very well. Looking into some back up parts for the future so I hope to have it firing like it used to in the near future.

Found difficulties with compression and the motor, replaced and am installing the new motor and applying various mods to work around the compression difficulties.

Newly named The Hard Way because it seems like every time I address one problem another one rises.

Now named Murphy\'s Saw. A fantastic joke and name provided by the same friend that sold it to me. Anything that can go wrong,will go wrong. But like Murphy, I shall remain optimistic about it.



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