• Hey guys time for and intro.
    Nickname given to me was Mussolini given my heritage but I\'ve been called Muss for short. Been airsofting for nearly 8-9 years. Nit really new to forums but new to this forum. Cannt believe I haven\'t really came across this huge sight until now. Worked as a technician at many fields and a couple shops. Been through way to many guns and way to many events. Looking forward to getting into new things on this site.

    I currently own over 60 rifles and so many
    My main rifles consist of ;
    Custom VFC scar-h for field, custom A&K m60 for assault, custom G&G w/ eglm for cqb, and laylax VSR-10 for long range.
    I tend to usually wear ciras\' considering all the equipment I usually carry and the extra weight doesn\'t really slow me down.

    Signing off,


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