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General Information

Jg bar 10 originally had a 620 mm kjwm700 barrel modified to fit vsr10 hop up. But now cut outer barrel an fitted the gun with 430 mm barrel.

Current setup:
Laylax zero trigger with orange piston
Laylax ball bearing spring guide
Laylax m170 spring
Custom tapered cylinder head
Pdi 6.01 430mm tbb
Pdi barrel spacers for pro sniper
Km hop up rubber hard type
Modified hop up arm
Real steel Harris bipod ~ swivel type
3x12x50 scope
Foam filled stock
560fps on m170 spring
510fps on m150 spring ( used for skirmishes)
Effective range 250-275 ft

Hop u guys like it also If I get enough request I would thinking of a tutorial on the zero trigger since there arnt many out there



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