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I had just gotten into airsoft last year and I\'ve been looking for a good gun... Found one and it\'s amazing. It shoots 400+ FPS right out of the box. The retail price for it is ($150) but evike did one better and put a $60 RIS and a $60 RDS, that\'s all together retails for $270! But evike (being amazing) made it only (with everything) $130!!! That was a deal I could not pass up. I bought 3 Hi-cap magazines and my friend gave me a cheap flashlight.... It was complete. I want to become a support gunner and buy an LMG , so now I have to sell this Bad-boy (I nearly cryed) so with everything attached I put it on Ebay for $300 (that includes RDS, RIS, 3 extra HI-Caps, and flashlight, battery, and charger)... I\'m willing to trade only for a m249 (preferably, a Para) with it\'s box mag and a battery (preferably, 9.6v butterfly)

If you want to see it it\'s on ebay... My username is erikthebarbarian


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