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Showcase cover image for my guns, updated.

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Current collection, two ICS M16s. One is a standard sports line, the other has a metal body (trademarked and discontinued) I just I bought it used. The gearbox was beat to h***, so I replaced it with a brand new upper gearbox and a turbo 3000 motor. The sportsline chronoes around 350, the metal body shoots 325. The AK is a CYMA with a jg blue motor, with real wood. Shoots 440. The is custom built, with a licensed metal body, d boys gearbox, MOSFET, ICS infinite motor. The galil is a stock ICS galil. The cxp is stock except for a tbb, it shoots 360. The pdw is supposedly bravo, and doesn't work at the moment. The 1911 in the second picture is the the same 1911 as the first, I just have it a new look, it is a WE. View attachment 1648 View attachment 1649



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