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To start off this gun was way over my budget . I was looking for a new decent gun for about 150-200$.I never would have thought I would be buying from ICS PRO-LINE.( Oh first I have to mention I needed a brand new plate carrier also so I brought an extra 100$)

OK so I went into Evike and noticed they have a \" epic bonus \" and I had a 25% discount. First I was looking at AEG at my price range I knew I had to buy a gun that is going to last and can handle a 11.1 lipo out of the box. I knew $200 wasn\'t going to cut it .I seen the ICS line and all they had to offer, I looked at the HOG & the APE . I was sold to the HOG right away the APE is really nice and had me torn between them but I knew the HOG was the one . But it bottom lined at 400$- but I didn\'t consider my discount and epic bonus. So for the epic bonus I got a free 85$ plate carrier and a 25% discount at 400$ is 100$ off (but u already knew that)so in all it was a pretty good deal I just went over my budget but who stays under.

It\'s fits a double panel 11.1v lipo in the detachable hand guard just push the pin out and you can pull out the bottom. And the nifty spring detention happenes when you put the gun back into safe mode. This gun is very powerful with its V2 ICS split gearbox you can\'t go wrong if u want to bring down the velocity for a CQB match pop out the upper part of the GB and change the spring. That simple no need for a complete weapon breakdown. This gun is worth every penny well, to me at least.



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