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Salutations, and all that jazz
Ive been around airsoft for probably somewhere about 5-8 years.
I have too many guns, which most of them either need work or are junk haha.
First off, im a member of a squad called PFM (Pure F*ing Magic for those unfamiliar with military slang) based in upstate New York. We drive quite lengthy distances to see new fields and meet new people.

My current weapons are:
a WE SCAR (Closed Bolt) that is about to get an open bolt conversion that should come tomorrow, as well as a few odds and ends.
a KWC Desert Eagle, because every time i pull it out it intimidates all the CODsofters on the other team.
a heavily modified L96. i believe it started out as a TSD, but seeing as this is my third and contains parts from many different brands and guns, that hardly matters.
lastly is a Task Force MP5. Now, dont let the make and model fool you on this one, its packing all ICS internals, wired to deans, running a 9.6 lipo for days.

Ive always got guns in from friends that i fix if i can. if not I can usually point them to someone who can. My reason for joining the forums after all this time of going without was to help myself with the wierd problems i run into, mostly with guns i am unfamiliar with.

Also, I'm currently enlisted in the Air Force, i leave for BCT in the spring, which I'm extremely excited for, scored a 97/99 on my asvab for those wondering, and have yet to take the EDPT and DLAB.

Well thats me. my call was given to me by a religious friend. Upon noticing that every other person i ran into called me by a different nickname or such, he quoted a bible verse which stated "God is a man of many names, but Lucifer himself has far more", and it just kindof stuck from there.

well thats me, my home field is HVA (Hudson Valley Airsoft) even though its still about an hour away. I live privately on 30 acres of dense woodland and my nearest nieghbor is at least half a mile away. I do not have a computer at the moment, so all comms are going through my phone, and I would appreciate not being torn to shreds for every other typing error haha.

boy have i got some tough ones for people who work on guns!

I intended to space out this posting, but apparently It did not work as intended. My apologies for that.


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