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Ive been playing simce I was 12 years old with little spring shotguns and pistols in our backyards and ever since have been upgrading and upgrading my weapons and gear and have become a very skilled and seasoned vetran to airsoft. How I got the name shadowman is I was playing one time at my friends dune field and we kept getting defeated by them because we would try to bum rush them and over power them but we\'d all go down in minutes. So I thought to myself why not go around while my teamates go straight for them. I went around to the right in some heavy bush and maneuvered my way around to the back of there position and took all 7 out in a mattter of seconds. My friend said \"damn your the shadowman hahaha\" and from then on it stuck and now im the shadowman or the russian. Now im the leader of viper eskadra and a steathy airsoftier. How to see any michigan people on the field



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