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General Information

I originally bought one of these but after seeing the way it shoots I had to buy a second, even though I only carry one during the games.

I haven\'t done anything to them except to put a red laser on the one I use.

The only con for this is that the trigger pull is a bit tough. I have no problem pulling it but neither my girlfriend or my mother were capable of pulling the trigger with less than two hands. Even using their thumbs they had a long time. The gun is pretty loud being a gbb pistol and all, but at least you know when someone is firing it, so long as it is your opponent and not you. I have given my position away by firing it when people were less than 50 feet out.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, there is no threaded barrel so I guess that is a bit annoying, but hopefully they make a special one with a threaded barrel as adding a suppressor would help with the range.

Selling the pair for $150. Payed $120 each.



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