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I'm black. Been playing for 4 years leading my airsoft group in Houston Texas (Death Shepard Airsoft). I am currently away in Jakarta for a year, but if there are any teams located in Houston Texas, gimme a shout because thats where my team is located. I am visiting for Christmas and we usually play at 5j Paintball & Air soft in Spring Texas. We just finish an Op called World in Conflict 2 a few days ago, be sure to check out the footage on our Youtube channel. (DeathShepardAirsoft) I have recently changed my callsign to Nite since Wolf is a verry common name
I hope to join the military in the future and start a military career. I enjoy playing Airsoft with my team and learning new things about the sport. I am open to new ideas and or tips. Check out our youtube channel at and our website at



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