Noveske/Magpul Primary

  • New primary is finished (Mostly)

    Once I get some buffer tube lipos I'm ditching the battery bag and rewiring it with a different mosfet in the buffer. (SW Panther isnt going to fit and belongs on the SP150 longrifle)

    Few more external changes and shes done.

    G&P Gearbox
    Systema silent piston head/cyl head/cyl combo
    SHS 16:1 gearset
    G&P white piston
    Full 16awg rewire
    Extreme-Fire Panther mosfet
    Systema Magnum
    Prowin hopup
    Prommy 300mm tbb
    Firefly bucking

    Planned changes:
    Get a riser to replace the swan sleeve
    Trijicon SRS replica
    rewire into buffer
    14mm cw to 14mm ccw extension (Just to get my regular vortex flash hider on and get it sticking out of the rail. Gun currently has an innie)
    Swap on a set of BUIS
    FTS or QD magnifier
    Atacs FG paint

    Gun is faaaar from done.


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