Operaters Choice Weapon

  • To start im mad i just bought this weapon its AWSOME, This is what a M4 should be, Not to down M4's and Im a big fan of the M4 but ots time that the M4 grew up, you can hold this weapon with one hand and stab, tap,grab,open doors or even grab your sidearm with the other hand it has a wopping 413mm barrel yet in your hands it feels light and natural, With a 413mm barrel its perfect for out door but with it being a bullpup style weapon you can also use this for CQB.

    Internal Work:

    I installed a Matrix Magnum Motor, Infected Mosfet, ICS orange piston and head set 110 spring, reshimmed the stock gears,bravo cyl and double padded cyl head.

    External Work: Add a UTG scope riser, 552 Holographic sight for CQB and protector (always protect your investment) and a sniper scope for outdoor action. Rail system, mini flash light and big green laser, Magpul angled foregrip. Big Dragon silencer.


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