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Showcase cover image for Orni's swaggified P90.

General Information

This is my Echo1 P90, I'v had it for a years now. It performs great, since it is upgraded.

SHS 7mm steel bushings.
Ka gears. (KS stock spur gear was bent and the secotr was slightly bent as well)
Lonex A2 Motor.
SHS M110 spring.
JG stock piston (to prove that these things are tough.)
ICS Piston head (it's tough and light.)
ASG Metal Cylinder head.
Guarder Airseal nozzle. (other brands are slightly to tight around the CH)
Lonex 70D bucking.

DIY Mods:
Shimmed, perfectly.
AOE corrected.
Gears, Gearbox, Spring Guide, Cylinder, and Cylinder Head polished.
Barrel Polish.
Flat hop bucking- Lonex 70D, homemade eraser nub.
Tappet Plate trimmed for better Airnozzle to Hopup airseal.
Deans and 14AWG wire.
Compression- 99% perfect.
Bushings Permatex'd down.

Chrono read 380FPS (- or +2)
220ft range (measured.)
28-30RPS off a Turnigy NanoTech 11.1v 20-40c 1500mah battery.



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