• So my actual name is Jake (It would be wierd if it was Osawaab) Alot of people ask me where the name Osawaab came from, and it was actually a randomly generated name off of an MMO called star legends and it just stuck. Anyway now that that is out of the way, lets get going.

    Im 18, and a graduateing senior. I live in North Carolina where I have all of my life, and I love it! Other than airsoft my hobbies include basketball, hunting, fishing, running, swimming, basically anything I can do outdoors I love. I also enjoy gaming and am a bit of a tech geek. Next year I will be attending UNC Charlotte and Majoring in Computer Science (Maybe) I hope to intern with the FBI and hold a position there one day.

    Currently my guns are as follows. One of the old (pre-bamf) metal bodied jg m4s. All ive really done to it is had it shimmed, I put a tightbore in it, lapped it, flathopped it, put a lonex hop chamber and 70 degree bucking in it and called it a day. Curretly it shoots around 350 fps with .25s, and is getting about 180 feet of accurate range with .28s. I also have a jg g36 ris I use as a loner, a ICS m4 that im learning to tech with, and My first gun which is an AUG sniper rifle.

    I just entered the gear world and i currently have as follows
    -Multicam bdus
    -multicam boonies
    -AWS multicam PC
    -LBT multicam magpouches
    -Emersion eye pro
    -Mechanix armored gloves
    -Bates combat boots
    Hopefully in the future ill be furthering this a bit more.

    I play at Gunnys Warefare center in Charlotte NC, which is a large 50 acre outdoor field and host some awesome games!

    Thats about all I can think of, so game on!


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