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I\'ve been playing airsoft since about 10. I started off with just your average trash Walmart springer pistole playing in my backyard against my brothers. Over the years I\'ve slowly become more interested as I played with more advanced airsoft players and in bigger games. As I\'ve become older, and grown my budget quite a bit, I\'ve really started getting into airsoft more. In the last two years I\'ve created a small airsoft squad, Squad LastGen, of eight guys within my home town and we\'ve started playing and practicing as much as possible. Sadly in my home town, and state, there really are no good airsoft fields. So using one of the squad member\'s farm, we try to arrange as many skirmishes as we can against other small squads within the area. I\'ve never really been able to go to a good sized, real field war, but I hope to find a way in the near future. Airsoft has become one of my main hobbies and I\'m always looking for ways to advance my level of play as much as possible.



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