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Quick Bio about me, I\'ve been in airsoft Since about 2010. I\'ve tried many different loadouts before and with so much trial and error I feel like it got me to be a very experianced airsofter. I have used AEG, Springers, HPA, and GBB as well and one thing that is the most unique about me from my team is that I am the only one that will ever use ONLY Gas guns in my team. Why? because I love realism. That is one of the most important Xfactors in airsoft to me. This is the load out I carry so far

Head: -Helmet: Emerson PJ Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet

-Goggles: Guarder GX-1000 Anti-Fog Tactical

-Headset: Matrix / Element Military Grade Tactical Communications Headset

Body: -Vest: condor plate carrier

- Poches: 3 Double Phantom Gear M4 pouches, 1 single Phantom gear pouch (holds radio) 1 Admin Pouch and a 1911 blackhawk serpa holster

-Radio: Kenwood radio with a PTT on vest

Belt: -Five-seveN blackhawk serpa holster

Law Enforcement stlye pistol mag pouches.



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