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I just started playing airsoft this summer with my brothers. I used to play paintball but where I live, airsoft is getting more popular. My brothers and I all got G&G M4\'s and a Well SR22. We have been to local places like The Airsoft Factory and Stryker and Godfather Outdoor and we are looking forward to playing at more events especially mil-sim.

My M4 has a RDS, suppresser, flashlight, green laser, one-point sling, and a bipod front-grip. My 1911 has a red laser and suppresser and I want to paint the sights with glow-in-the-dark paint.

I am 19, an outdoorsman, an Eagle Scout, a pilot, and attend UNH. I am interested in joining an airsoft team or club if there is one that plays close by. I would also help start a team if one needs members.

P.S. I will add a picture later \'cause I don\'t have a good one ATM.


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