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Sup guys, I've been playing Airsoft for a few years. I have "decent" knowledge on AEGs, but AEGs are pretty boring TBH;) I'm most interested in unique SMG Gas blow backs and of course GBB pistols. I've also owned/worked my fair share of Arsoft guns. (More then I care to admit) As of now, I am using a KWA G17 in a Carbine Coversion kit. I am 16 years old and live in Southern California. I also make YouTube videos on my team's YouTube (ShrapnelAirsoft).
My first "real" Airsoft gun was a WE HiCapa 5.1.
It was a piece of junk, yet I loved it. After picking up a few better guns and delving into the internals, I can now see the Airsoft world clearly and without bias. I try to help out many people and will of course always be more then happy to help. Don't be ignorant and I'll play nice;)
I always have an opinion and will debate for hours. Happy airsofting!



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