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I started Airsoft in spring of 2015 with a basic rifle, I still have it and learned how to do tech work making it better than before. I became very sick mid to late 2015, Doctors suggested Chronic Fatigue but there was no proof, I could only play Airsfot for about an hour or two. I would show up during the last hour to hour and half just to play because it meant to much to me. There was several times I would have to be carted of the field because I was so tried.

In 2016 and early 2017 my health improved and I was able to play full days during the winter, not during the summer because the heat would drain me. During the summer months I focused on saving money for the winter months to play and upgrading my guns so they could preform better. Thanks to the online community here I have learned a lot of tech work and improved on repairing my guns including gas guns to stop leaks.

I prefer small compact guns like my P90, GAT and VZ61 Scorpion because it doesn\'t drain me as fast as a full size or full metal gun would. Another reason I prefer the P90 and GAT is due to the amazing range tests I have gotten 180 to 200 or more feet which is better than most m4\'s and ak\'s that I have seen. These guns are stock preforming and no upgrades have yet been done to them.



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I kinda wanted a P90 But I got this STG-44. glad to hear your improving man!