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Name: Alex Ray Callsign: Gipsy (Pacific Rim) DOB: 1998 Age: 15 Location: Boulder City, NV Field: ACE AIRSOFT Yrs. Experience: 1 Main weapon: Customized KWA CQR MOD1 (see picture) Backup weapon: currently nothing, sometimes am allowed to use my dads ATP and I love it Tactical gear: Matrix Tactical Systems Metal Gear CIRAS plate carrier (see profile pic I\'m on the right) (tan) Condor gen 2 battle belt (tan) USAF ABU\'S top and bottom Altama combat boots (tan)

I\'m a good leader and usually by choice or necessity end up being at a minimum a fire team leader but have commanded an entire force on force game (40v40) with zombies. I love Airsoft it\'s the best thing ever! (Yes I have had a GF still better lol). Looking for some members local to Henderson and Las Vegas interested in being on a team but will have more information on that later. I am a Cadet/Staff Sergeant in AFJROTC and am also the Public Affairs officer/NCO of my corp in Las Vegas NV-20052. When I graduate I want to join the military and become a United States Navy Seal and serve my country being the best of the best.

Any questions feel free to ask...



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