• I blame my son for getting me into airsoft. I\'m very new to airsoft, but am real world tactically and combat medically trained. Last December, I bought my son an airsoft rifle and all the gear, as he
    had wanted to play airsoft for a couple years now, which began with meeting an Evike sponsored team. A month passed and
    he had yet to hit the field. He said, \"Dad, will you go with me?\"
    Well, I couldn\'t let me son down, so I scoured the web for something
    decent, and frankly, I had no idea what decent should be. I believe I
    made a pretty good deal on a slightly used G&G GR4 G26 EBB, which is now modified with much more to go. I already had a bunch of gear and kit, being a shooter. After my first skirmish, I was hooked. My gun room collection seems to have grown, in both gear and guns. Lord, please help me remember the word budget.


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