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PNL Paintball also known as Ghost Town. In the past the event runners have made the field work whether there are 30 attendees or 100+. Mostly the events here are Milsim or training based; very few trigger times are scheduled. Usually the command and control assigned have
a military or law enforcement background. You can use any style magazine, high, mid-cap,
or standard. Some events require support weapons to replicate one of real steal. The field FPS is 375 /w .25g. Bio and regular BBs are allowed. 18+ year old are allowed to wear full seal goggles only. Minors are required to wear a full mask. No mash face/eye protection allowed. This feel honors the NEASG sniper certification. (Fielding hot rifles with specific rules of engagement) There are bathrooms, a food/ snack stand, cash only, but no public power. There are two locations for your vehicle. The first parking lot is located on the street
side of the facility closest to the shop and signup building. The second parking lot is behind the building and abuts the chrono area and field. The field can be divided into two halves by a dirt road which starts around the staging area and continues to the property line of the far side. To both the left and right of the road are fields with no natural cover or concealment. The
property owner has placed manmade cover in this area. This cover is limited, takes some sprinting to get to, and is laid out equally when approaching from either side of the road.

Area A: Attendees refer to this structure as Ghost Town. The overall shape of Ghost Town can be described as rectangular with the long sides running parallel with the road. For purposes of orienting yourself I will refer to the side closes to the road as the “A” side and move around the structure clockwise assigning each side a letter “B” “C” and “D”. Ghost Town islaid out similar to a fort you would see in an old west movie. The A, B, and C
sides are protected by walls. All three walls can be breached from ground level. The far side, side “C” can be breached from both ground level and a covered ramp that leads to the second level. The walls along the ramp will protect you from the first and second level murder holes, but it can be a fatal funnel. Side D is open to the field, similar to a castle gate; the opening is protected by catwalks to its left and right. On the C/D and D/A corners of the fort there are covered ramps leading to the second level. These two ramps have small partitions staggered on both the left and right sides to provide cover while on the ramps. Ghost Town is two levels tall. Throughout the inside these levels are divided into stores, banks, and a jail. From the inside you can move between the first in second levels using the stairwells located at the A/B, B/C, C/D, and D/Acorners. The center of the fort is a courtyard with a two level guard tower at the center.
Area B: Is the teepee city. These teepees stretch well into the tree line. Here the lower umbrella is thin, but there are manmade bunkers throughout. Sorry the reference image is so dark, the image was pulled from a video in a low light situation.
Area C: Is a square tower. It is two levels and access can be gained from the ground level from the road side, side A, and the tree line side, side C. To access the second level inside there is a stairwell with a single landing.
Area D: Is marsh, dry for a short time in the hot summer, here you find another structure. This
one is shaped like an octagon, and thus its name, “The Octagon”. It too is two levels; access can be gained ground level from side A, the road side and side C, the tree line. Inside
access to the second level is by a stairwell with a landing.
If you exit the Octagon from the C side you can follow a set of docks to a boat and then a
square shaped building. This building is new and I have not had to enter it yet. I can only assume it has the same layout as the other two. There is also a platform with waist high cover. Area E: This is Burger Fort. This fort is dug into the ground. It has multiple egresses on all sides. It is constructed of blue 55 gallon drums, wooden pallets and netting. There is at least one short tower overseeing the walls, which does not have much cover. Here the under
umbrella is very thick and offers great concealment.
Crossing the road over to the area F side; again the under umbrella is thick mostly made up of brier bushes. The upper umbrella is also thick, runs parallel with the road, but fades away from the road as you get closer to the second parking lot.
Area F: Is a single story cabin with one egress. Looking at the cabin from the road
there is a window on the A side, doorway on the B side, and a window on the D
Area G: Is the freedom Fort. This is a very long and tall structure. It is best described as three towers connected at the top by a catwalk with walls. Along the walls there are murder holes and windows. There are two sets of egresses at the base of both towers. These egresses are located on the B and D sides. Inside the two corner towers there are sets of stairs with a railing and a single landing.
Area H: is the plane. Unfortunately this is not a scraped plane, but no built from timber. The wings are vertical and provide cover from across the road. Area I: I guess this structure good be called a bungalow or a hut on stilts. It is square. It has no roof, but four walls with at least one window on each side. It is not protected by either an upper or lower umbrella. Again this area is usually muddy. I believe there is a 36” plastic drain pipe which provides cover from the road side of the building to beneath it.

Area J: Is the tank. To date I do not know why or where exactly the tank looking structure is located to this building. Both the upper and lower umbrella is very thick here. This building stands no more than 7 feet tall, but has two levels. In previous events this building has turned into a zombie bunker since there are limited egresses from this location.​



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