• Airsofter living in the Nashville area. Play primarily at Bad Karma field in Lebanon and SAF in Springfield, TN. Keep to myself mostly, but I'm prone to barking and roaring taunts across the field as I pump my shotgun or suppress the enemy with my SAW.

    I like my shotguns, which is why I carry a custom TM Spas 12.

    Can also be seen with all manner of MGs and Gas guns.

    Famous for tomahawk kills. Yeah, I've gotten them. Quite a few, actually. Have a custom rubber resin mold of a SOG Tactical Tomahawk.

    Not the stealthy type. I like my frontal combat. Aggression, suppression, intimidation.

    Ranking member of Team Overwatch.

    Just now getting into the milsim world after years of skirmishing.


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