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Don't take the "misanthropic" tag too seriously; I'm just a jaded person by nature. Pretty laid back, I'm just here to find other people that like airsoft; & sling BBs at each other. Not audition for soap opera roles over P* versus Systema "debates" or TM > = < KWA nonsense. Use what you like, it's your money. One may be in fact better than the other, but you have to learn that firsthand; not parrot the whimsical quips of other people.

I'm a bit of a gear-do; I like my over-priced gucci-gear...But have enough sense to leave the credit cards with my wife when I'm shopping for my airsoft addiction. You won't find a single Crye item in my armory; nice stuff but LBT, First Spear, & HSGI are my go-to brands mostly.

I'm not a ultra-competitive person by default; I try to leave the try-hard pants at home unless it's clearly stated "if we lose this airsoft match, we die; but not before we get tortured" at some point in the morning (after coffee & cigarettes of course)...Or ya know; it's a tournament of some type. I consider airsoft to be a game for fun first; and a race to sponsorship second. Being on a team does change things; & I put my GMR pants on when it matters.

Please don't take this bio as blunt or intentionally rude; I'm merely trying to keep it concise to any reader.

Thanks for your time, let's go strip some pistons!



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