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Well Aliens fans I saved you the best for last! The HERO M41a Pulse rifle!!! 1/1 FULLY functional CUSTOM MADE . My pulse 100 pct screen accurate! The rifle is held together by REAL METAL SCREWS NOT PLASTIC AND GLUE like the kits you have seen !! My pulse is hand painted the correct color!!! The stock is METAL and is FULLY adjustable with a hidden lever underneath the stock not above it with a silly looking button,!!! the magazine is removable!! by the lever on the rifle like on the REAL PULSE RIFLES !!! The barrel vent is screen accurate also metal!!!My shotgun BOLT IS ALSO A REAL SHOGUN BOLT!!! NO RESIN!!! My Counter is FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND PROGRAMMED LIKE THE ORIGINALS !! IT FIRES IN SEMI AND FULLY AUTO!!! THE RATE OF FIRE MATCHES THE HERO IN THE FILM 10 PER SECOND !! GET THIS WHEN YOU HIT 00 YOU TAKE OUT THE MAG INSERT IT AND IT RESETS IN ORDER LIKE THE HERO TO 99 TO 95!!!!! ALL DIGITAL!!! THE BOLT ALSO WORKS! PROP WAS BUILT ALL BY HAND AND THE PIECES WERE FABRICATED BY HAND!! IN THE USA!!! THE SHROUDS WERE MOLDED OFF ONE OF THE HERO PULSE RIFLES FROMT HE FILM ! THIS IS THE MOST ACCURATE WELL BUILT PULSE EVER. ALL HAND MAND BY AND INDUSTRY PRO WHO HAD ACCESS THE HERO PULSE RIFLE USED IN ALIENS!! AS A REFERENCE !!!!! THE SHOTGUN PUMPS DOES SLIDE TO!!! I custom make these to order so if your in let me know there is a wait list :) The prop DOES FIRE AIRSOFT AND HAS A HIDDEN PLUG :)



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