• I have been playing since 2008 or 2009 something like that. Up until this year I was just backyard skirmishing with no way to get on a team or start a team.

    Spec ops SEPT 2010- MARCH 2011

    I joined spec ops cammondoes in SEPT 2010, which was started by two guys from my scout troop. These guys were complelty power crazy, never could get a thing done for every 15 min of skirmishing there was 30 min in the staging area.There were a lot of crosman noobs on that team. I finally quit and joined a more serious team.

    Wolf Pack MARCH 2011- PRESENT

    Wolf pack was founded to guys also from my scout troop, but were waaaaay more serious. In the short time I have been with this team I have learned alot, joined this forum in the first month played more than I ever had with SOC and actually used real tactics and such.


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