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Uhhh, not really sure what to type other then Im a freshman in school and I love to fish, kayak, shoot, snowboard, XC ski, run, fourwheel, work on cars, break things, swim, snowmobile, but not airsoft, I just cant stand it. :p Just kidding, I love airsoft and Im becoming quite a good tech and am starting to really get into building my guns :) Ive owned these guns in this order:
A ton of newby crosman guns before I got into the real sport. :p

Aimtop M4A1 (traded for mp5)
Boneyard Cybergun Sig552 (sold)
Src Xm8
Boneyard JG AUG A3 (Sold)
Boneyard JG AUG A2 (Traded for AK74)
Echo 1 Mp5A5 RAS
CYMA AK74M (Sold)
WE Biohazard M9
JG S-System
Src M16A3

I pretty much started airsoft where I live and have built up a group of about 25 and growing. I made our own website to pick up any airsofters near us that has been very successful and I convinced the nearby paintball field to start having regular airsoft games. I have built a 3 acre field on my land that my and my friends tend to play on and have a blast.



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