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General Information

The name is Jordan (I'm the tall one in the picture). I'm 24, and I've been around the game for going on 10 years now, but I was never seriously into it until 3 years ago. I'm a member of a small team in east Tennessee called Bellatorum (Latin for ready to fight, valorous, and war-like). I myself am a Lion Claws vet, having attended Southern Comfort (2012), Red Storm East II (2013), and Irene XI (2013).

I started playing airsoft as a way to get some exercise, but it quickly became an obsession for me. I'm not much of an impressionist, but I love me some gucci gear. Anything LBT, Paraclete, Crye, Mayflower, etc.

I like to tech some, but not professionally. I pride myself in my ability to squeeze every mm of distance I can from my blasters. I prefer brands such as Tokyo Marui, G&P, Lonex, and KWA (GASP!).

Outside of airsoft, I'm a drummer (of almost 20 years now) and an IT guy. I love video games, and good food. I have a lovely girlfriend, and she supports me in everything that I do. Except when I place LBT orders. She doesn't like that...



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