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Showcase cover image for Rabbits MilSim AK74

General Information

-APS Silver Edge 8mm gearbox shell
-Lonex 8mm solid steel bushings
-SHS Gen4 12:1 gears
-Lonex cylinder and cylinder head
-SHS aluminum o-ring air nozzle (long)
-SHS nylon tappet plate
-SHS piston
-Lonex silent piston head
-AOE corrected
-SHS M140 nlp spring
-SHS trigger contacts
-D6 Labs NanoFET
-16AWG low-profile wiring, and Deans
-JG blue Neodymium motor can with 32tpa Chaoli armature and SHS pinion installed, armature also shimmed
-Lonex hopup unit
-Maple Leaf bucking and RTX nub
-Madbull black python barrel, soon to change it out for a Prometheus



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