• *Internal Upgrades*
    -prometheus 6.03 TBB $80
    -Systema bucking $15
    -prometheus nub $5
    -Guarder Air Seal Nozzle $15
    -Guarder High Torque Motor $45
    -KA Normal Torque Gears $35
    -Guarder Version 6 Steel Bushings $15
    -Guarder SP 110 Spring $15
    -Systema V2 Bearing Spring Guide $25
    -Gaurder Poly Carb Piston $20
    -Thompson cylinder group by Systema $80 (not 100% sure this is correct)

    Everything was installed professionally by AEX, If I can find the stock parts I will include them if requested.
    Total for Internal Upgrades: 300 Exactly (not including labor from AEX)

    *External Upgrades*
    -EXM Innovations Bull Barrel Conversion Kit $100
    -UTG 6\" Rails (For Mounting Optics) $20
    -UTG Pro Model 4/15 Carbine Length Quad Rail $85
    -Noveske Sound Amplifier $40
    -G&P G2 Light $40
    -G&P Pressure Switch for light $15
    -Extra Batteries for light $10
    -Mount for light $10
    -Elite Force MBUS Set $40
    -Replica Eotech with trades $42
    -AFG 1 $37Total for External Upgrades: $429
    -10 King Arms Midcaps: $86
    -2 Tokyo Marui Hicaps: $46
    -1 Standard Lowcap: Free
    -Condor Vest (Black): $40
    -Condor Hydration Pouch and Bladder (Black): $40
    -4 Double p90 pouches: $112
    -Condor Tactical Belt and Dump Pouch (Black): $35
    -AEX 7.4 2200 25c mah Lipo battery wired to deans: $22
    -Thunder AC6 Charger+Deans plugs: $80
    -Gun Case $30
    -Total for Battery, Charger, Vest/Pouches/Hydration, Gun Case: $451

    It chronos at around 330-340 and has great range. (It shoots further than my m16)
    This whole thing cost me $1,120 and has only been fielded three times.
    (Please be nice if my math is wrong)


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