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General Information

A Little About Me:

I have been playing airsoft for 7 years, and as an airsoft pistol only combatant (APOC) for about 5 of those years when my old beginner M4 finally broke leaving me with just my sidearm for airsoft games. Since then I have adapted my tactics and strategies accordingly to make up for the lack of an AEG primary, using speed, stealth and smart tactics to even the odds.

Each time I play I can expect to be out-gunned and out-matched in firepower. But the solution is simple: outflank, outsmart and out-play the other side. Underestimate me at your own risk. Watch the shadows and expect the unexpected when fighting an experienced APOC.

As you could imagine, this involves a good deal of crawling, rolling, vaulting, short dashes, lying still and slinking.

On another note, I recently acquired a tricked-out G&P Mk12 SPR and have been shifting into a Designated Marksman role, especially since mil-sim teams/games don\'t really have a need for an APOC.

More Info On APOCs:

Basically, we play pistols only 80% of the time or more and our loadouts usually accommodate pistol-only play with the ability to carry a pistol and plenty of mags for it comfortably. Special high-speed, low-drag or ultra-minimalist loadouts are relatively common.

You can find detailed information about APOCs and the Pistol Only Revolution HERE, however you have to copy and paste the link:

What I Do On Airsoftsociety:

While I am not an all-knowing expert on airsoft as a whole, I happily pounce on questions related to gas guns and especially pistols, and am open to learning more and more about them.

I have written a few guides on airsoft guns HERE:

I am becoming something of a KWA gun expert, particularly with the M9/M93R models if you take a look at the list of guns I have handled below...

What I Am Currently Doing In Airsoft

- Trying to find the right pistol to make an ultimate pistol build out of for myself

- Trying to round out my DMR build for my SPR

- Working with a friend from the field as well as electrical engineer majors to design a reusable airsoft DISTRACTION grenade

- I am currently trying to constantly sell/buy/upgrade/sell at least two airsoft guns besides my custom one to get a chance to handle more pistols, make a small profit and gain valuable GBB experience.

- Trying to get people at my college to jump into airsoft! Need more guns to do that though

- Also trying to help a bit with PEVs Paintball in NoVA in spreading the word about them and their new airsoft business.

Other Facts:

My best confirmed kill to date using a pistol was at ~140ft w/ a KJW M9 GBB Pistol

Guns I\'ve owned or currently own:
Boyi Dboys Grenade Launcher M4
Classic Army Armalite M15A4
CYMA CM028A w/ metal upper
G&P M16 Mk12 Mod 0 SPR
KJW M9 Mil-spec Vertec
KJW P226
KWA M9 PTP NS2 (three of them)
KWA M9 PTP Tactical NS2 (two of them)
KWA M93R NS2 (both original and Limited)
KWA USP Compact NS2
TMxGuarder 4.3 Hi-Capa (two of them)
TMxAirsoft Surgeon 5.1 Hi-Capa
TM Mk23 USSOCOM (two of them)

Gun Builds (+ means part is installed, - means part uninstalled)
Custom Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa
+ Kanio Toba Twist Barrel for Hi-Capa
+ Kanio Toba Tactical Grips
+ Airsoft Surgeon Shuey 2-Tone 6061AL Slide
+ Airsoft Surgeon Full Metal Outer Barrel
+ PDI Limited Edition Red Jaggy Type 1 Trigger
+ PDI 2-Hole Combat Hammer
+ PDI W-Hold Hop-Up Bucking
+ Guarder 150% Recoil Set
+ Nineball Short Mag Catch/Release
+ Nineball Dyna piston
+ AIP 120% Loading Nozzle Spring
+ AIP Fiber Optic Fixed Sights
+ RA-Tech NPAS
+ Updated TM Hop-up
+ Nineball SAS Front Kit
- Nineball Silent Custom Kit
- Teflon Mods
- Mag Seal Mods

Custom G&P Mk12 Mod 0 SPR
+ Matrix SPR Kit
+ Simmons ..22LR Rifle Scope
+ Chinese rail mount riser
+ New Wiring harness
+ G&G Steel bevel gear
+ Harris Bipod Clone
+ Madbull 455mm 6.03mm Tight-bore Barrel
+ M130 Spring
+ Lonex Cylinder
+ New G&P piston
+ Prowin Hop-up Chamber
+ Prometheus Flat-Hop Nub
+ Prometheus Flat-Hop Bucking
+ Shimmed
- AOE Corrected
- Air compression mods
- Fixed semi-automatic



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