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I\'ve been playing airsoft since 2010 and I\'m slowly starting to get more into it as in planning to go to milsim events in the future (Broken Home 7). My first gun was a P90 that I bought from a local fair type thing. It sucked lol it was gravity fed so you couldn\'t aim down past 90 degrees. I usually run woodland camo as it used to be my favorite but now I\'m slowly switching to multicam. I just picked up a pair of Valken multicam pants and a Condor multicam hat. Any suggestions on a good plate carrier and boots would be very helpful. :)

I\'ve never ran a sidearm in all of my time playing I just never found a use for one. I\'m a big fan of bullpup style weapons and the RS Type 97 being my main really renders a sidearm useless to me. Keep in mind that\'s personal preference and with the size of the T97 and the weight after you shoulder it it ends up being very maneuverable. The story of how I obtained a T97 is a whole different post lol because it\'s a unique one.

Over the years I\'ve realized that I\'m more of a collector than a hardcore player. I do go hard on the paint a lot but I\'m very fascinated by the uniqueness of some guns. I am drawn to funky looking guns and I end up almost always buying them or at least saving money and eventually getting it. That\'s probably why I\'m a huge bullpup fan. I\'m starting a World War 2 collection starting with the Classic Army Thompson that I\'m getting a week from now for $100. After that I\'m getting an MP40 then a BAR and so on. I love the idea of using guns from WW2 in airsoft and not only WW2. I enjoy finding and using guns from any time from the past. It\'s just kind of my thing I guess.

My arsenal currently is kind of bare because I used to trade and sell a lot but now I\'m just working on building my collection as a whole. Anyway I hope you\'ve learned at least something about me while reading this. :) I\'d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

(I don\'t have a good pic or anything because I mainly just take selfies lol)



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