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I\'m 14 and have played Airsoft for 3 years. I normally execute flanking maneuvers, or scout alone. For my M16, I bought a better battery, and a vertical fore-grip/bi-pod. It only shoots full auto. For this gun, I have one 300 round mag. My Thompson is the world war II version, and I have two 380 round mags, and a sling which I change out with the M16. For my shotgun, I have 3 shells, and a sling that I wear around my back. My pistols I put in my hip holster. I have always played outside in forests or hilly areas. I can carry a lot of gear, but for CQB I go in with my Thompson, shotgun, and c02 pistol. For assault, I can use any of my AEGs and side arms. I appreciate your time.




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