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I am a young airsofter from good old Massachusetts. My airsoft adventures started with a sub-$20 spring AK-47. I eventually got a spring pistol, and now I have my lemon AEG.

I run a lightweight loadout with a baseball cap (tactical tan of course), a knockoff but still good JPC, and some Multicam ACUs that my uncle in the army gave me. I currently have no attachments to my AEG and I plan to upgrade to a higher-end one soon.

I have a team consisted of my friends and we call ourselves the Kiwi Rangers. We are all fascinated by New Zealand (especially the Haka) so we decided to honor them with our name.

Image coming soon once I find a recent one... The best one I have right now is before I had my multicams. Gosh I looked like a Noob...



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