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I enjoy a mix of both long range field play and CQC. I often switch roles while on the field to adapt to what is needed. I have gone from a flanking solo DM holding back an enemy advance on the outskirts of a village to CQC in the village itself once my team pushed in.

I like to take a bit unorthodox approach to how I play. Wielding a MP 7 with my DMR allows me to sit back and observe the situation and then swoop in and make a surgical strike on key targets. On the CQB fields, I play extremely aggressive. Knee pads are my best friend as I slide from cover to cover, pushing the advance. Even in games where I\'m outnumbered, I still try for the initiative.

I often find myself alone in my advance as it is all to common for people to focus on one target, leaving themselves open for flanking. I always look for these moments and do my best to help cover our teams rear.



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